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sexual harassment [ imenica ]
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Unwelcome sexual behavior by a supervisor toward an employee.
Unwanted offensive and persistent conduct of a sexual nature. Originally seen as a personal rather than a social problem, the term appeared in the US in the early 197following protests by womens' groups about their treatment in the workplace. Sexual harassment can be verbal (the most common form) such as teasing, vulgar remarks, requests for dates, sexual innuendos; non verbal, such as sexually suggestive gestures, displaying pornography, throwing kisses; or physical, such as touching or pinching. The most serious incidents are attempted or actual rape, and promised job benefits or deprivations in exchange for sexual favors. Sexual harassment is generally seen as an assertion of power and not as motivated by sexual desire or an attempt to form a reciprocal romantic relationship.
About 9of those harassed are women; more than half of all working women experience some form of it. Sexual harassment is widespread and is a problem in all large organizations. About two-thirds of those harassed feel embarrassed or humiliated and it affects ability to work, interferes with judgment and concentration, and can result in sleep disturbances, loss of self-esteem, poor morale, absenteeism, and resignation. Many companies, universities, schools, and government departments have drawn up formal sexual harassment policies setting out what is and what is not appropriate and making it clear that sexual harassment will not be tolerated and that allegations will be treated swiftly, seriously, and confidentially.
Most sexual harassment cases are prosecuted under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 196The most famous (unsuccessful) case is the accusation of sexual harassment by Anita Hill against Judge Clarence Thomas 199In 19and 19it is estimated that sexual harassment cost the US government $2million in sick pay, reduced productivity and loss of staff. About 9of larger US organizations have sexual harassment policies.

seksualno uznemiravanje [ imenica ]

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