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Prevod reči: settle

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settle [ glagol ]
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To accept despite complete satisfaction
To arrange or fix in the desired order
To become resolved, fixed, established, or quiet
To become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style; SYN. take root, steady down, settle down.
To cause to settle, as of liquids.
To come to rest; SYN. halt.
To dispose of; make a financial settlement.
To end a legal dispute by arriving at a settlement
To establish or develop as a residence:
1To form a community
1To get one's revenge for a wrong or an injury; SYN. get back.
1To settle conclusively; come to terms; SYN. square off, square up, determine.
1To settle into a position; SYN. settle down.
1To take up residence and become established; SYN. locate, relocate.

dogovarati [ glagol ]

isplatiti [ glagol ]

namestiti [ glagol ]

namestiti se [ glagol ]

namiriti [ glagol ]

naseliti [ glagol ]

nastaniti [ glagol ]

nastaniti se [ glagol ]

Naseliti se.

osloboditi [ glagol ]


oženiti [ glagol ]

praviti [ glagol ]

rešiti [ glagol ]

sesti [ glagol ]

Spustiti se na sedište, zauzeti sedeći stav.

smestiti [ glagol ]

smestiti se [ glagol ]

spustiti [ glagol ]


spustiti se [ glagol ]

ustanoviti [ glagol ]

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