resolve | engleski leksikon

1. resolve


1. Fixity of purpose; resoluteness
2. Something that is resolved
3. A legal or official determination; especially; a formal resolution

resolve | engleski leksikon

2. resolve


1. To match one piece of information to another in a database or lookup table.
2. To find a setting in which no hardware conflicts occur.
3. To convert a logical address to a physical address or vice versa.
4. To convert an Internet domain name to its corresponding IP address. See also DNS, IP address.

resolve | engleski leksikon

3. resolve


Sinonimi: solve

ETYM The sense comes from the idea of loosening, breaking up into parts, analyzing, hence, determining.
1. To find the solution to; SYN. solve.
2. To make clearly visible, as of images in optics.

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