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rally [ imenica ]
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A large gathering of people intended to arouse enthusiasm; SYN. mass meeting.
A marked recovery of strength or spirits during an illness.
The feat of mustering strength for a renewed effort; SYN. rallying.

oporavak [ muški rod ]


sastanak [ muški rod ]

Susret sa nekim, poslovni ili ljubavni ...

skupljanje [ imenica ]

ujedinjenje [ imenica ]

vraćanje [ imenica ]


zbor [ muški rod ]

Saziv, skup, sabor.

rally [ imenica {auto-moto} ]
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An automobile race run over public roads.
An automobile competition using public roads and ordinary traffic rules with the object of maintaining a specified average speed between checkpoints over a route unknown to the participants until the start of the event

reli [ muški rod {auto-moto} ]

Vrsta automobilskih trka, ista reč označava i skup, sastanak, susret, reč engleskog porekla. (eng.)

rally [ glagol ]
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ETYM French railler. Related to Rail to scoff.
To return to a former condition; SYN. rebound.
To muster for a common purpose; to recall to order.
To arouse for action; to rouse from depression or weakness.
To come together again to renew an effort.
To join in a common cause.
Recover, rebound.
To engage in a rally.
To attack with raillery; banter.

oporljavati se [ glagol ]

okupiti se [ glagol ]

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