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radio wave


Sinonimi: radio emission | radio radiation

An electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between 0.5 cm to 30,000 m; SYN. radio emission, radio radiation.
Electromagnetic wave possessing a long wavelength (ranging from about 10-3 to 104 m) and a low frequency (from about 105 to 1011 Hz). Included in the radio-wave part of the spectrum are microwaves, used for both communications and for cooking; ultra high- and very high-frequency waves, used for television and FM (frequency modulation) radio communications; and short, medium, and long waves, used for AM (amplitude modulation) radio communications. Radio waves that are used for communications have all been modulated (see modulation) to carry information. Stars emit radio waves, which may be detected and studied using radio telescopes.

1. radio talas

muški rodtelekomunikacije

Elektromagnetni talas koji služi za prenos signala u radio-tehnici (lat.)

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