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printed circuit board [ imenica {elektrotehnika} ]
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A flat board made of nonconducting material, such as plastic or fiberglass, on which chips and other electronic components are mounted, usually in predrilled holes designed to hold them. The component holes are connected electrically by predefined conductive metal pathways that are printed on the surface of the board. The metal leads protruding from the electronic components are soldered to the conductive metal pathways to form a connection. A printed circuit board should be held by the edges and protected from dirt and static electricity to avoid damage. See the illustration. Acronym: PCB
(PCB) Electrical circuit created by laying (printing) “tracks” of a conductor such as copper on one or both sides of an insulating board. The PCB was invented in 19by Austrian scientist Paul Eisler, and was first used on a large scale in 1948.
Components such as integrated circuits (chips), resistors and capacitors can be soldered to the surface of the board (surface-mounted) or, more commonly, attached by inserting their connecting pins or wires into holes drilled in the board. PCBs include motherboards, expansion boards, and adaptors.

štampana ploča [ ženski rod {elektrotehnika} ]

Ploča od izolacionog materijala (najčešće fiberglas) na koju su postavljene elektronske komponente tako da formiraju kolo. Pogledajte matična ploča, kartica za proširenje.

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