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percussion [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin percussio: cf. French percussion. Related to Percuss.
Tapping a part of the body for diagnostic purposes.
The act of exploding a percussion cap.
The act of playing drums; SYN. drumming.
In medicine, the technique of exploring the body by tapping it with the fingers or an instrument. The nature of the vibrations felt may indicate some abnormality, such as the presence of fluid in the lungs.

oštar udarac [ muški rod ]

perkusija [ ženski rod ]

Udaranje, sudar, udar, potres; med. kucanje, opkucavanje, ispitivanje kucanjem. (lat.)

potres [ muški rod ]

sudar [ muški rod ]

Snažan udar jednog tela u drugo.

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