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network [ imenica {računari} ]
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A group of computers and associated devices that are connected by communications facilities. A network can involve permanent connections, such as cables, or temporary connections made through telephone or other communication links. A network can be as small as a LAN (local area network) consisting of a few computers, printers, and other devices, or it can consist of many small and large computers distributed over a vast geographic area (WAN, or wide area network). See also ALOHAnet, Ethernet (definition 1), LAN, WAN.
In computing, a method of connecting computers so that they can share data and peripheral devices, such as printers. The main types are classified by the pattern of the connections—star or ring network, for example— or by the degree of geographical spread allowed; for example, local area networks (LANs) for communication within a room or building, and wide area networks (WANs) for more remote systems. Internet is the computer network that connects major English-speaking institutions throughout the world, with around million users. Janet (joint academic network), a variant of Internet, is used in Britain. SuperJanet, launched 199is an extension of this that can carry 1,0million bits of information per second.
One of the most common networking systems is Ethernet, developed in the 197(released 198at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center, California, by Rich Seifert, Bob Printis, and Dave Redell.
A group of computers that are connected to each other by communications lines to share information and resources. net-work

mreža [ ženski rod {računari} ]

Sistem računara koji su međusobno povezani radi prenosa podataka i komunikacije. Za mrežu su potrebna najmanje dva računara, a softver za rad u mreži (zove se i mrežhi operativni sistem), mrežni adapteri i kablovi.
Mreže su korisne kada nekoliko korisnika mora da deli resurse, kao što su podaci ili štampači.
Skup tačaka ili unakrsnih linija koji korisniku pomaže da precinzno poravna elemente crteža na ekranu. Mreže se često korsite za crtanje pravih linija i tačno poravnatih uglova u programima za pripremu štampe i u programima za crtanje i slikanje.

računarska mreža [ ženski rod {računari} ]


network [ imenica ]
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A group of broadcasting stations that all transmit the same program simultaneously; SYN. communications network.
An interconnected or intersecting configuration or system of components; SYN. net, mesh, meshwork, reticulation.
An intricately connected system of things or people; or; SYN. web.

mreža [ ženski rod ]

mrežica [ ženski rod ]

Sitna mreža.

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