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movie camera [ imenica ]
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Or motion picture camera; Camera that takes a rapid sequence of still photographs—frames (pictures) each second. When the pictures are projected one after the other at the same speed onto a screen, they appear to show movement, because our eyes hold onto the image of one picture before the next one appears.
The movie camera differs from an ordinary still camera in having a motor that winds on the film continuously, but the film is held still by a claw mechanism while each frame is exposed. When the film is moved between frames, a semicircular disk slides between the lens and the film and prevents exposure.A camera used for taking moving pictures; it operates by taking several individual pictures per second (frames per second in most commercial movies); the rapid succession of images, when projected, creates the illusion of movement.

kamera [ ženski rod ]

Vladarska soba, komora;
Fotografski aparat;
Aparat za filmsko snimanje;
TV elektronska sprava za direktni prenos živih prozora na daljinu (lat.)

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