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Sinonimi: metabolism

ETYM Latin, from Greek, to be transformed; meta beyond, over + morph form.
Period during the life cycle of many invertebrates, most amphibians, and some fish, during which the individual's body changes from one form to another through a major reconstitution of its tissues. For example, adult frogs are produced by metamorphosis from tadpoles, and butterflies are produced from caterpillars following metamorphosis within a pupa.
In classical thought and literature, metamorphosis is the transformation of a living being into another shape, either living or inanimate (for example Niobe). The Roman poet Ovid wrote about this theme.
1. A complete change of physical form or substance especially as by magic or witchcraft.
2. A striking change in appearance or character or circumstances.
3. The marked and rapid transformation of a larva into an adult that occurs in some animals; SYN. metabolism.

1. metamorfoza

ženski rod

Preobražavanje, preobražaj, promena, preobraćanje, pretvaranje; u gr. mitologiji: pretvaranje ljudi u životinje, kamenje, drveće i dr. (često pesnički obrađivana tema, naročito kod rim. pesnika Ovidija);
zoo. Proces razvijanja od jajeta do zrele životinje. (grč.)

2. pretvaranje


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