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Malta [ imenica {geologija} ]
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A republic on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean.
A strategically located island south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea.
City in Idaho (USA).
City in Montana (USA); zip code 59538.
Village in Illinois (USA); zip code 60150.
Village in Ohio (USA); zip code 43758.
Island in the Mediterranean Sea, S of Sicily, E of Tunisia, and N of Libya.
The 19constitution provides for a single-chamber legislature, the 65-member House of Representatives, elected by universal suffrage, through a system of proportional representation, for a five-year term. As formal head of state the president is elected by the House for a five-year term and appoints a prime minister and cabinet, drawn from and collectively responsible to the House, which may be dissolved within its five-year term. A 19amendment to the constitution made provision for any party winning more than 5of the votes in a general election to be guaranteed a majority of seats in the House, regardless of the number of seats actually won.
Malta was occupied in turn by Phoenicia, Greece, Carthage, and Rome, and fell to the Arabs 87In 10the Norman count Roger of Sicily conquered Malta, and it remained under Sicilian rule until the 16th century, when the Holy Roman emperor Charles V handed it over to the Knights of St John of Jerusalem 153After a Turkish attack 15the knights fortified the island and held it until 179when they surrendered to Napoleon. After requesting British protection, Malta was annexed by Britain 18and became a leading naval base. A vital link in World War II, Malta came under heavy attack and was awarded the George Cross decoration.
The island was made self-governing 194and in 19Dom Mintoff, leader of the Malta Labour Party (MLP), became prime minister. In 19the MLP's proposal for integration with the UK was approved by a referendum but opposed by the conservative Nationalist Party, led by Dr Giorgio Borg Olivier. In 19Mintoff rejected the British proposals and resigned, causing a constitutional crisis. By 19both parties favored independence, and talks began 196with Borg Olivier as prime minister.
Malta became a fully independent state within the Commonwealth and under the British crown 196having signed a ten-year military and economic aid treaty with the UK. In 19Mintoff and the MLP returned to power with a policy of international nonalignment. He declared the 19treaty invalid and began to negotiate a new arrangement for leasing the Maltese NATO base and obtaining the maximum economic benefit from it for his country.
republican status agreed.
A seven-year agreement was signed 197Malta became a republic 197and in the 19general election the MLP was returned with a reduced majority. It again won a narrow majority in the House of Representatives 198even though the Nationalists had a bigger share of the popular vote. As a result, Nationalist representatives refused to take their seats for over a year. Relations between the two parties were also damaged by allegations of progovernment bias in the broadcasting service. At the end of 19Mintoff announced his retirement, and Dr Mifsud Bonnici succeeded him as MLP leader and prime minister.
Three years later, in 198the Nationalist Party won the general election and its leader, Edward Fenech Adami, became prime minister. Vincent Tabone was elected president 198In Oct 19Malta formally applied for European Community membership. In the 19general election the Nationalist Party, under Prime Minister Adami, was returned for another term. Mifsud Bonnici succeeded Vincent Tabone as president 1994.

Malta [ ženski rod {geologija} ]

Evropska država u Sredozemnom moru.

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