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magic [ pridev ]
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Of or relating to magic
Having seemingly supernatural qualities or powers; giving a feeling of enchantment

magičan [ pridev ]

Privlačan, neodoljiv; izuzetan, neobičan, čaroban (grč.)

čaroban [ pridev ]

mađijski [ pridev ]

Vračarski, vradžbinski, čarobnjački; čaroban.

magic [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. magique, Latin magice, Greek magikos, from makos sorcerer. Related to Magic, and Magi.
Any art that invokes supernatural powers.
Art of controlling the forces of nature by supernatural means such as charms and ritual. The central ideas are that like produces like (sympathetic magic) and that influence carries by contagion or association; for example, by the former principle an enemy could be destroyed through an effigy, by the latter principle through personal items such as hair or nail clippings. See also witchcraft.
Most early religious practices and much early art were rooted in beliefs in magical processes. There are similarities between magic and the use of symbolism in religious ritual. Under Christianity existing magical rites were either suppressed (although they survived in modified form in folk custom and superstition) or replaced by those of the church itself. Those still practising the ancient rites were persecuted as witches.

magija [ ženski rod ]

Čarolija, vradžbina, veština potčinjavanja svojoj volji tajanstvenih sila prirode, duhova i demona. Verovanje u magiju je kaldejskog porekla, odakle se preko Persije i Egipta rasprostrlo čak na Zapad.

mađija [ ženski rod ]

Magija (grč.)

vračanje [ imenica ]

čari [ N/A ]


čarolija [ ženski rod ]

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