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machine gun [ imenica {vojska} ]
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A rapid-firing automatic gun (usually mounted).
Rapid-firing automatic gun. The Maxim (named for its inventor, US-born British engineer H S Maxim (1840–1916)) of 18was recoil-operated, but some later types have been gas-operated (Bren) or recoil assisted by gas (some versions of the Browning).
The forerunner of the modern machine gun was the Gatling (named after its US inventor R J Gatling 1818–1903), perfected in the US in 18and used in the Civil War. It had a number of barrels arranged about a central axis, and the breech containing the reloading, ejection, and firing mechanism was rotated by hand, shots being fired through each barrel in turn. The submachine gun, exploited by Chicago gangsters in the 1920s, was widely used in World War II; for instance, the Thompson, often called the Tommy gun. See small arms.

mitraljez [ muški rod {vojska} ]

Moderno vatreno oružje sa mecima kalibra vojničke puške i automatskim punjenjem i paljenjem, izbacuje u minutu oko 6metaka; mašingever. (fr.)

mašingever [ muški rod {vojska} ]

Moderno vatreno oružje kalibra obične vojničke puške i automatskog dejstva, podesno za lako prenošenje sa mesta na mesto, u minutu može da izbaci oko 6metaka.

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