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Sinonimi: logotype

Symbol representing a business, often linked to a brand name or trademark. It may be the name of a company in special type, or a drawing, or a combination of letters and pictures. The logo should be designed to present a positive image of the company to others and be part of the marketing strategy of the organization.
A company emblem or device; SYN. logotype.

1. logo

muški rod

Logotipski znak, logotip.

Logo | englesko - srpski prevod



High-level computer programming language designed to teach mathematical concepts. Developed about 1970 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it became popular in schools and with home computer users because of its “turtle graphics” feature. This allows the user to write programs that create line drawings on a computer screen, or drive a small mobile robot (a “turtle” or “buggy”) around the floor.
LOGO encourages the use of languages in a logical and structured way, leading to “microworlds”, in which problems can be solved by using a few standard solutions.
A programming language with features that are heavily drawn from LISP. Logo is often used to teach programming to children and was developed originally by Seymour Papert at MIT in 1968. Logo is considered an educational language, although some firms have sought to make it more widely accepted in the programming community. See also LISP, turtle, turtle graphics.

1. Logo

muški rodračunari

Programski jezik specijalno napravljen za obučavanje dece da koriste račuare. LOGO program upravlja jednom zamišljenom kornjačom koja šeta po ekranu i za sobom ostavlja linije. Pomoću komandi koje upravljaju kretanjem kornjače, u jeziku Logo korisnik može da napravi zgodne sličice koje se sviđaju i odraslima.

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