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ETYM Latin ligatura, from ligare, ligatum, to bind: cf. French ligature. Related to Ally, League, Legatura, Liable, Ligament.
Any surgical device (nylon, gut, wire) used for tying a blood vessel to stop it bleeding, or to tie round the base of a growth to constrict its blood supply.
Used by surgeons to bind a vessel (as to constrict the flow of blood).

1. ligatura

ženski rodmedicina

Konac za podvezivanje krvnih sudova kod operacija. (lat.)

2. veza

ženski rod

Relacija, odnos, spoj, kopula.

3. zavoj

muški rod

Okuka, krivina, zavijutak.

ligature | englesko - srpski prevod



In music, notation used in the 13th–16th centuries in which two or more notes are combined to form a single symbol. Depending on the shape of the ligature, the same group of notes could indicate different rhythms. In addition to its rhythmic implications, a ligature indicates that only one syllable is to be sung for the duration of its notes, similar in function to a modern slur marking in vocal works (also known as a ligature, or tie).In music, the adjustable metal brace used to attach the reed to the mouthpiece of an instrument of the clarinet family.

1. ligatura

ženski rodmuzika

Spajanje dveju nota iste visine ili više nota nejednake visine lukom; tip. spajanje dvaju slova; med. podvezivanje vena, podveza za vene; zavoj, omot knjige.

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