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letter [ imenica ]
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The conventional characters of the alphabet used to represent speech; SYN. letter of the alphabet, alphabetic character.
A written message addressed to a person or organization; SYN. missive.
A strictly literal interpretation (as distinct from the intention)
An award earned by participation in a school sport; SYN. varsity letter.
Written or printed message, chiefly a personal communication. Letters are valuable as reflections of social conditions and of literary and political life. Legally, ownership of a letter (as a document) passes to the recipient, but the copyright remains with the writer.

pismo [ imenica ]

Dopis, poštanska pošiljka.

slovo [ imenica ]

Znak za pojedini glas.

značenje [ imenica ]

letter [ glagol ]
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To mark letters on or mark with letters.
To set down or print with letters.
To win an athletic letter, in sports.

napisati [ glagol ]

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