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ETYM Latin juniperus, prop., youth-producing, and so called from its evergreen appearance, from the roots of Eng. juvenile, and parent. Cf. Gin the liquor.
Aromatic evergreen tree or shrub of the genus Juniperus of the cypress family Cupressaceae, found throughout temperate regions. Its berries are used to flavor gin. Some junipers are erroneously called cedars.
Coniferous shrub or small tree with berrylike cones.

1. borovica

ženski rodbotanika

2. kleka

ženski rod

[Juniperus communis]
Grm iz porodice čempresa, borovica, venja.
NJegove bobice se koriste kao aromatični dodatak rakiji.

3. smreka

ženski rodbotanika

Vrsta četinara, smrča.