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Sinonimi: investment funds

1. Money that is invested with an expectation of profit; SYN. investment funds.
2. Outer layer or covering of an organ or part or organism.
In economics, the purchase of any asset with the potential to yield future financial benefit to the purchaser (such as a house, a work of art, stocks and shares, or even a private education).

1. investicija

ženski rod

1. Ulaganje kapitala u neki unosan posao ili unosno preduzeće;
2. Kapital uložen u neki posao (lat.)

2. investiranje


Davanje u nešto, ulaganje, glagolska imenica od investirati (lat.)

3. odevanje


4. ruho


5. ulaganje


Davanje u nšeto, investiranje.

6. ulog

muški rod

Udeo, doprinos.

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