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integrated circuit


Sinonimi: microcircuit

(IC), popularly called silicon chip, A miniaturized electronic circuit produced on a single crystal, or chip, of a semiconducting material—usually silicon. It may contain many thousands of components and yet measure only 5 mm/0.2 in square and 1 mm/0.04 in thick. The IC is encapsulated within a plastic or ceramic case, and linked via gold wires to metal pins with which it is connected to a printed circuit board and the other components that make up such electronic devices as computers and calculators.
A device consisting of a number of connected circuit elements, such as transistors and resistors, fabricated on a single chip of silicon crystal or other semiconductor material. Integrated circuits are categorized by the number of elements they contain. See the table. Acronym: IC. Also called: chip. See also central processing unit. A microelectronic circuit incorporated into a chip of semiconductor; a whole system rather than a single component; SYN. microcircuit.
The formal name for a die, or chip. Its name resulted from the integration of previously separate transistors, resistors and capacitors, all on a single chip.

1. integrisano kolo


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