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indicative [ imenica {lingvistika} ]
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In grammar, the mood of the verb in a sentence that expresses an opinion, states a fact, or “indicates” that something has happened, is happening, or will happen. In English, this is the mood of the vast majority of sentences, but where the verbs express doubt or possibility (for example may and might), they are said to be in the subjunctive mood.

pokazni način [ muški rod ]

indicative [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin indicativus: cf. French indicatif.
Having a covert or special meaning; SYN. significative, suggestive.
(Grammar) Relating to the mood of verbs that is used simple declarative statements; SYN. declarative.

indikativan [ pridev ]

Koji pokazuje, pokazni. (lat.)

pokazan [ pridev ]

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