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gospel [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. gospel, godspel, AS. godspell; god God + spell story, tale. Related to God, and Spell.
In the New Testament generally, the message of Christian salvation; in particular the four written accounts of the life of Jesus by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Although the first three give approximately the same account or synopsis (thus giving rise to the name “Synoptic Gospels”), their differences from John have raised problems for theologians.
The so-called fifth Gospel, or Gospel of St Thomas (not connected with the disciple Thomas), is a 2nd-century collection of 1sayings of Jesus. It was found in a Coptic translation contained in a group of papyrus codices, discovered in Upper Egypt 194which may have formed the library of a Gnostic community (see Gnosticism).
A doctrine that is believed to be of great importance.
An unquestionable truth; SYN. gospel truth.

gospel [ muški rod ]

Religiozna pesma američkih Crnaca; ima strastven ritam, isprekidan vriskom solo-pevača (eng.)

jevanđelje [ imenica ]

Evanđelje. (grč.)

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