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fret [ imenica ]
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ETYM French frette a saltire, also a hoop, ferrule, prob. a dim. of Latin ferrum iron.
A small bar of metal across the fingerboard of a musical instrument; when the string is stopped by a finger at the metal bar it will produce a note of the desired pitch.
Agitation resulting from active worry; SYN. stew, sweat, lather, swither.
Inlaid ridge of ivory or metal, or a circlet of nylon, on the fingerboard of a plucked or bowed string instrument, against which a string is pressed to change pitch.

bes [ muški rod ]

Srdžba, jar.

jarost [ ženski rod ]

ornament [ muški rod ]

Ukras, ures, šara, nakit; naročito: ukras ili šara na građevinama, posudama i dr.

šara [ ženski rod ]


fret [ glagol ]
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ETYM Old Eng. fretten to adorn, AS. fraetwan, fraetwian; akin to OS. fratahôn, cf. Goth. us-fratwjan to make wise, also AS. fraetwe ornaments, OS. fratahî adornment.
To be agitated or irritated.
To carve a pattern into.
To cause annoyance in.
To decorate with an interlaced design.
To wear away or erode; SYN. eat away.

dražiti [ glagol ]


mučiti [ glagol ]

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