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fine [ pridev ]
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Very thin in gauge or diameter; SYN. tenuous.
Minutely precise especially in differences in meaning
Of texture; being small-grained or smooth to the touch or having fine particles
Very small
Characterized by elegance or refinement
Superior in skill or ability or accomplishment
Superior to the average; SYN. good.
Trained to the highest degree of physical excellence
Used ironically; SYN. pretty.
1(Metallurgy) Having a high or specified degree of purity; SYN. f.

divan [ pridev ]

dobar [ pridev ]

fini [ pridev ]

lep [ pridev ]

nežan [ pridev ]

Loman, krhak.

odličan [ pridev ]

fine [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. fin, Latin finis end, also in Late Lat., a final agreement or concord between the lord and his vassal.
Money extracted as a penalty; SYN. mulct, amercement.
The act of imposing a fine; SYN. fining.

prvorazredna banka [ ženski rod ]

sigurna banka [ ženski rod ]

globa [ ženski rod ]

Novčana kazna.

novčana kazna [ ženski rod ]

fine [ glagol ]
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To impose a fine on; SYN. mulct.

kazniti novčano [ glagol ]

novčano kazniti [ glagol ]

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