error | englesko - srpski prevod



Sinonimi: mistake | wrongdoing | erroneous belief | misplay

ETYM Old Fren. error, errur, French erreur, Latin error, from errare to err. Related to Err.
1. Any action that is incorrect, usually by inadvertence or carelessness.
2. Part of a statement that is not correct; SYN. mistake.
3. Departure from what is ethically acceptable; SYN. wrongdoing.
4. A misconception resulting from incorrect information; SYN. erroneous belief.
5. (Baseball) A failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficed; SYN. misplay.
In computing, a fault or mistake, either in the software or on the part of the user, that causes a program to stop running (crash) or produce unexpected results. Program errors, or bugs, are largely eliminated in the course of the programmer’s initial testing procedure, but some will remain in most programs. All computer operating systems are designed to produce an error message (on the display screen, or in an error file or printout) whenever an error is detected, reporting that an error has taken place and, wherever possible, diagnosing its cause.

1. eror

muški rod

Zabluda, greška, omaška; eror fakti, stvarna zabluda; eror in fakto, prav. zabluda odnosno činjeničnog stanja, tj. zabluda o postojanju krivičnog dela; eror in judikando, prav. kada pravni lek tvrdi da je napadnuta odluka materijalno netačna zbog rđave primene krivičnog zakona; eror in procedendo, prav. kada pravni lek tvrdi da postupak na osnovu koga je odluka donesena ne odgovara zakonu.

2. greh

muški rod

Grešan postupak.

3. greška

ženski rod

Omaška, kiks.

4. pogreška

ženski rod

5. zabluda

ženski rod