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diving [ pridev ]
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That dives or is used or diving.

koji roni [ pridev ]

ronilački [ pridev ]

diving [ imenica ]
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An athletic competition that involves diving into water; SYN. diving event.
The sport of entering the water either from a springboard (3ft/1 m or ft/3 m) above the water, or from a platform (33ft/m) above the water. Various differing starts are adopted, facing forward or backward, and somersaults, twists, and other positions or combinations thereof are performed in midair before entering the water. Pool depths of ft/6 m are needed for high or platform diving, but ft/3 m-deep pools may accommodate 1 or 3 meter diving. Points are awarded and the level of difficulty of each dive is used as a multiplying factor.

gnjuranje [ imenica ]

ronjenje [ imenica ]

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