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displacement [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French déplacement.
In psychoanalysis, the transference of an emotion from the original idea with which it is associated to other ideas. It is usually thought to be indicative of repression in that the emotional content of an unacceptable idea may be expressed without the idea itself becoming conscious.
Sigmund Freud's original discussion of displacement focused on its occurrence in dreams, where strong emotions are often expressed in material which the subject usually finds of indifferent interest. As a defense mechanism, it is also associated with a number of afflictions, including phobias and schizophrenia.
Act of removing from office or employment.
The measured distance traveled by a point from its position at rest. Peak to peak displacement is the total measured movement of a vibrating point between its positive and negative extremes. Measurement units expressed as inches or millinches.

deplasman [ muški rod ]

Premeštanje, smenjivanje, potiskivanje; naopako (ili pogrešno, rđavo) postavljanje, rđav položaj.

pomeranje [ imenica ]

Pomak, pokret, pomeraj.

pomicanje [ imenica ]

premeštanje [ imenica ]

svrgavanje [ imenica ]

svrgnuće [ imenica ]

otpuštanje sa posla [ imenica ]

displacement [ imenica {nautika} ]
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The volume or weight of a fluid (as water) displaced by a floating body (as a ship) of equal weight.

istisnina [ ženski rod {nautika} ]

deplasman [ muški rod {nautika} ]

Zapremina dela broda pod vodom, zapremina istisnuća.
Mera za brodove; težina vode koju istisne vod jednaka je težini broda i ukrcanog tovara na njemu. (fr.)

zapremina broda [ ženski rod ]

zapremina istisnute vode [ ženski rod ]

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