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device driver


A software component that permits a computer system to communicate with a device. In most cases, the driver also manipulates the hardware in order to transmit the data to the device. However, device drivers associated with application packages typically perform only the data translation; these higher-level drivers then rely on lower-level drivers to actually send the data to the device. Many devices, especially video adapters on PC-compatible computers, will not work properly—if at all—without the correct device drivers installed in the system.

1. drajver

muški rodračunari

Upravljački program za uređaj, program koji upravlja radom uređaja. Upravljački programi za uređaje su neophodni za upravljanje uređajima (miš, jedinica trake, CD plejer) pošto je računar nesposoban da to sam uradi.

2. upravljački program za uređaj

muški rodračunari