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derivation [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin derivatio: cf. French dérivation. Related to Derive.
The source of a word or expression. English words are derived from a variety of other languages (see borrowing), especially Greek, Latin, Anglo-Saxon, and, after the Norman Conquest, French.
Many current expressions have survived the practices that gave rise to them; they are dead metaphors. “Getting the sack”, for instance, is derived from the time when workers brought their own tools in a sack. “Get your sack” meant you had lost your job.
(Descriptive linguistics) The process whereby new words are formed from existing words or bases by affixation: 'singer' from 'sing'; 'undo' from 'do'.
A line of reasoning that shows how a conclusion follows logically from accepted propositions.
Drawing of fluid or inflammation away from a diseased part of the body.
Drawing off water from its main channel as for irrigation.
The source from which something derives (i.e. comes or issues).

derivacija [ ženski rod ]

Odvajanje, odvojak, račvanje;
Odstupanje od pravog puta. (lat.)

derivat [ muški rod ]

Ono što je izvedeno ili potiče od čega drugog.
Izvedenica, reč koja je postala od neke druge reči, izvedena reč, npr. stanovati - stanovnik.

dobijanje [ imenica ]

Sticanje, zarađivanje.

dobijanje iz izvora [ imenica ]

izvlačenje [ imenica ]

izvor [ muški rod ]

Studenac, zdenac, vrelo, mesto gde podzemna voda izbija na površinu.
Izvorište, polazište.

izvođenje [ imenica ]

poreklo [ imenica ]

početak [ muški rod ]

Začetak, klica.

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