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demand [ imenica ]
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ETYM French demande, from demander. Related to Demand.
An urgent or peremptory request.
The ability and desire to purchase goods and services.
The act of demanding.
In economics, the quantity of a product or service that customers want to buy at any given price. Also, the desire for a commodity, together with ability to pay for it.

molba [ ženski rod ]


pitanje [ imenica ]

Upitni iskaz.

potražnja [ ženski rod ]

Zahtev, potraživanje.

potreba [ ženski rod ]

Neophodnost, nužnost.

traženje [ imenica ]

tražnja [ ženski rod ]

zahtev [ muški rod ]

iskanje [ imenica ]


iziskivanje [ imenica ]

demand [ glagol ]
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To request urgently and forcefully.
To claim as due or just; SYN. exact.
To lay legal claim to.
To ask to be informed of.
To summon to court.

pitati [ glagol ]

Postavljati pitanja.

potraživati [ glagol ]

Tražiti, zahtevati.

tražiti [ glagol ]

zahtevati [ glagol ]

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