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data processing


1. The general work performed by computers.
2. More specifically, the manipulation of data to transform it into some desired result. Acronym: dp. Also called: adp, automatic data processing, edp, electronic data processing. See also centralized processing, decentralized processing, distributed processing.
The temporary retention of data in a processor while calculations or logical operations are performed on it.
(dp) Use of computers for performing clerical tasks such as stock control, payroll, and dealing with orders. dp systems are typically batch systems, running on mainframe computers. dp is sometimes called edp (electronic data processing).
A large organization usually has a special department to support its dp activities, which might include the writing and maintenance of software (programs), control and operation of the computers, and an analysis of the organization's information requirements.

1. analiza podataka

ženski rod

2. obrada podataka

ženski rod

3. obrada podataka

ženski rodračunari

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