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dart [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. dart, of German origin; cf. Old High Germ. tart javelin, dart, AS. darath, daroth, Swed. dart dagger, Icel. darrathr dart.
A small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot.
A tapered tuck made in dressmaking.

džilit [ muški rod ]

Kratko koplje od elastičnog palmovog drveta, kojim arapski konjanici vično rukuju i kad su im konji u najvećem trku.

hitar pokret [ muški rod ]

lako koplje [ imenica ]

nagli pokret [ muški rod ]

pikado [ muški rod {sport} ]

Vrsta sporta (gađanje strelicama u metu). (šp.)

strela [ ženski rod ]

"Municija" za izbacivanje iz luka.

strelica [ ženski rod ]

žalo [ imenica ]

žaoka [ ženski rod ]

dart [ glagol ]
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To move with sudden speed.
To run or move very quickly or hastily; SYN. dash, scoot, scud, flash, shoot.

palacati [ glagol ]

kretati se kao koplje [ glagol ]

liznuti [ glagol ]

naglo menjati smer [ glagol ]

probosti [ glagol ]

ustremiti se [ glagol ]

Dart [ muški rod {N/A} ]
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(Arthur) (1893-198Australian-born South African paleontologist and anthropologist who in 19discovered the first fossil remains of the australopithecenes, early hominids, near Taungs in Botswana.
Dart named them Australopithecus africanus, and spent many years trying to prove that they were early humans rather than apes. In the 195and 1960s, the Leakey family found more fossils of this type and of related types in the Olduvai Gorge of E Africa, establishing that Australopithecines were hominids, walked erect, made tools, and lived as early as 5.5 million years ago. After further discoveries in the 1980s, they are today classified as Homo sapiens australopithecus, and Dart’s assertions have been validated.
Dart was born in Brisbane and studied at the University of Sydney. He was professor of anatomy at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1922–58.

Dart [ muški rod {N/A} ]

Australijski paleontolog i antropolog, živeo u Južnoj Africi.

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