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(Scotland) A game played on ice; curling stones (heavy stones with handles) are slid toward a target.
Game played on ice with stones; sometimes described as “bowls on ice”. One of the national games of Scotland, it has spread to many countries. It can also be played on artificial (cement or asphalt) ponds.
Two tees are erected about 35 m/38 yd apart. There are two teams of four players. The object of the game is to deliver the stones near the tee, those nearest scoring. Each player has two stones, of equal size, fitted with a handle. The usual weight of the stone (a thick, disclike object), is about 16–20 kg/36–42 lb. In Canada, the weight is greater (about 27 kg/60 lb) and iron replaces stone. The stone is slid on one of its flat surfaces and it may be curled in one direction or another according to the twist given as it leaves the hand. The match is played for an agreed number of heads or shots, or by time. The first world championship for men was held in 1959 and in 1979 for women.

1. kuglanje na ledu


2. uvijanje


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