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Sinonimi: muster | draft | selective service

ETYM Latin conscriptio: cf. French conscription.
Compulsory military service; SYN. muster, draft, selective service.
Legislation for all able-bodied male citizens (and female in some countries, such as Israel) to serve with the armed forces. It originated in France 1792, and in the 19th and 20th centuries became the established practice in almost all European states.
Modern conscription systems often permit alternative national service for conscientious objectors.
In the US conscription (the draft) was introduced during the Civil War—by the Confederates 1862 and by the Union side 1863. In World War I a Selective Service Act was passed 1917, then again 1940 in anticipation of US entry into World War II.
It remained in force (except for 15 months 1947–48) until after the US withdrawal from Vietnam 1973, although the system was changed to a lottery based on a registrant's birthday. This was done to rectify the inequities stemming from the deferment system that had allowed college students to delay their service. In 1980 Carter restored registration for a possible military draft for men at 18, but his proposal that it be extended to women was rejected by Congress. The US now has a policy based on all-volunteer armed forces.

1. konskripcija

ženski rodvojska

1. Popis, popisivanje vojnika, regrutovanje.
2. Oslobađanje od vojne obaveze otkupom ili slanjem plaćenog zamenika (u srednjem veku);
3. U starom Rimu: popis političkih protivnika (lat.)

2. regrutacija

ženski rodvojska

Popunjavanje kadra novim vojnicima, uzimanje novajlija u vojsku, novačenje. (fr.)

3. regrutovanje


Popunjavanje kadra novim vojnicima, uzimanje novajlija u vojsku, novačenje. (fr.)

4. vojna obaveza

ženski rod

5. zapisivanje


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