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common [ pridev ]
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Of no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual; SYN. ordinary, widespread.
Common to or shared by two or more parties; SYN. mutual.
Commonly encountered; SYN. usual.
Being or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language; SYN. vernacular, vulgar.
Of or associated with the great masses of people; SYN. plebeian, vulgar, unwashed.
To be expected; standard; SYN. simple.

javan [ pridev ]


običan [ pridev ]

Koji se ničim ne ističe.

opšte poznat [ pridev ]

opšti [ pridev ]

prost [ pridev ]


zajednički [ pridev ]

common [ imenica ]
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The legal right of taking a profit in another's land in common with the owner or others
A piece of land subject to common use: as undivided land used especially for pasture; a public open area in a municipality
A religious service suitable for any of various festivals; ordinary
Common stock

običan narod [ muški rod ]

opštinsko zemljište [ imenica ]

zajednica [ ženski rod ]

zdrav razum [ muški rod ]

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