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circuit [ imenica ]
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ETYM French circuit, from Latin circuitus, from circuire or circumire to go around; circum around + ire to go.
A usually circular line encompassing an area.
The space enclosed within such a line.
A course around a periphery.
A circuitous or indirect route.
A regular tour (as by a traveling judge or preacher) around an assigned district or territory.
the route traveled.
A group of church congregations ministered to by one pastor.

kolo [ imenica ]

Denjak, bala robe.
Narodna igra.

krug [ muški rod ]

Geometrijska slika okruglog oblika.

kruženje [ imenica ]

kružni put [ muški rod ]

kružno putovanje [ imenica ]

obilazak [ muški rod ]


obilaženje [ imenica ]

obrtanje [ imenica ]


električno kolo [ imenica ]

strujanje [ imenica ]

circuit [ imenica {elektrotehnika} ]
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A path for electrical current to flow; SYN. electrical circuit, electric circuit.
Any path that can carry electrical current.
A combination of electrical components interconnected to perform a particular task. At one level, a computer consists of a single circuit; at another, it consists of hundreds of interconnected circuits.
In physics or electrical engineering, an arrangement of electrical components through which a current can flow. There are two basic circuits, series and parallel. In a series circuit, the components are connected end to end so that the current flows through all components one after the other. In a parallel circuit, components are connected side by side so that part of the current passes through each component. A circuit diagram shows in graphical form how components are connected together, using standard symbols for the components.

strujno kolo [ imenica {elektrotehnika} ]

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