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ETYM French caramel (cf. Spanish caramelo), Late Lat. canna mellis, cannamella, canamella, calamellus mellitus, sugar cane, from or confused with Latin canna reed + mel, mellis, honey. Related to Cane.
Complex mixture of substances produced by heating sugars, without charring, until they turn brown. Caramel is used as coloring and flavoring in foods. Its production in the manufacture of sugar confection gives rise to a toffeelike sweet of the same name.
The intricate chemical reactions involved in the production of caramel (caramelization) are not fully understood, but are known to result in the formation of a number of compounds. Two compounds in particular (acetylformoin and 4-hydroxy-2,5-dimethyl-3-furanone) are thought to contribute to caramel's characteristic flavor.
Commercially, the caramelization process is speeded up by the addition of selected amino acids.
Firm chewy candy made from caramelized sugar and butter and milk.

1. karamel

muški rodkulinarstvo

Kestenjasta i gorka masa od pečenog šećera za bojadisanje pića; pečeni šećer, bonbona od pečenog šećera.

2. karamela

ženski rodkulinarstvo

Vrsta slatkiša.

3. slatkiš

muški rod

4. uprženi šećer

muški rod

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