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canon law


Sinonimi: ecclesiastical law

The body of codified laws governing the affairs of a Christian church; SYN. ecclesiastical law.
Rules and regulations of the Christian church, especially the Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Anglican churches. Its origin is sought in the declarations of Jesus and the apostles. In 1983 Pope John Paul II issued a new canon law code reducing offenses carrying automatic excommunication, extending the grounds for annulment of marriage, removing the ban on marriage with non-Catholics, and banning labor-union and political activity by priests.
The earliest compilations were in the East, and the canon law of the Eastern Orthodox Church is comparatively small. Through the centuries, a great mass of canon law was accumulated in the Western church, which, in 1918, was condensed in the Corpus juris canonici under Benedict XV. Even so, this is supplemented by many papal decrees.

1. crkveni zakon

muški rod

2. crkveno pravo


3. kanonsko pravo


Pravo hrišćanske crkve, sadržano u Corpus juris canonici, koje osim čisto crkvenih odredaba, donesenih na crkvenim saborima, sadrži i privatne, procesne i kaznene odredbe.

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