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burn [ imenica ]
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ETYM See Bourn.
In medicine, destruction of body tissue by extremes of temperature, corrosive chemicals, electricity, or radiation. First-degree burns may cause reddening; second-degree burns cause blistering and irritation but usually heal spontaneously; third-degree burns are disfiguring and may be life-threatening.
Burns cause plasma, the fluid component of the blood, to leak from the blood vessels, and it is this loss of circulating fluid that engenders shock. Emergency treatment is needed for third-degree burns in order to replace the fluid volume, prevent infection (a dire threat to the severely burned), and reduce the pain. Plastic, or reconstructive, surgery, including skin grafting, may be required to compensate for damaged tissue and minimize disfigurement. If a skin graft is necessary, dead tissue must be removed from a burn (a process known as debridement) so that the patient's blood supply can nourish the graft.
Damage inflicted by burning.
An injury cause by exposure to fire or chemicals or radiation.
A burned place or area; SYN. burn mark.
Pain that feels hot as if it were on fire; SYN. burning.

opekotina [ ženski rod ]

potok [ muški rod ]

Manji vodeni tok, manja tekuća voda.

znak [ muški rod ]

Simbol, oznaka, obeležje.

žig [ muški rod ]

Pečat, štembilj (obično suvi pečat na novčanim i drugim dokumentima).
Oznaka, beleg.

žig na uvetu [ muški rod ]

ispekotina [ ženski rod ]

opeklina [ ženski rod ]

burn [ glagol {N/A} ]
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(Irregular preterit, past participle: burned; or: burnt).
To destroy by fire; SYN. fire, burn down.
To feel hot or painful.
To burn with heat, fire, or radiation.
To cause to burn.
To undergo combustion; SYN. combust.
To be completely consumed by fire; to reduce to ashes; SYN. incinerate.
To feel strong emotion, esp. anger or passion.
To shine intensely, as if with heat; SYN. glow.
To spend (significant amounts of money).
1To burn at the stake.

izgoreti [ glagol ]

opaliti [ glagol ]

Ispucati hitac iz oružja.

opeći [ glagol ]

ožeći [ glagol ]

peći [ glagol ]

progoreti [ glagol ]

sagoreti [ glagol ]

Sažeći, spaliti.

sjajiti se [ glagol ]

spaliti [ glagol ]

Sagoreti, sažeći.

žeći [ glagol ]

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