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bubble [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. Dutch bobbel, Dan. boble, Swed. bubbla. Related to Blob.
A hollow globule of gas (e.g., air or carbon dioxide).
A small globule typically hollow and light: as a small body of gas within a liquid; a thin film of liquid inflated with air or gas; a globule in a transparent solid; something (as a plastic or inflatable structure) that is hemispherical or semicylindrical.
Something that lacks firmness, solidity, or reality; A delusive scheme.
A sound like that of bubbling.
magnetic bubble.
A state of booming economic activity (as in a stock market) that often ends in a sudden collapse.
The condition of being at risk of exclusion or replacement (as from a tournament) — usually used in the phrase on the bubble.

nesolidan plan [ muški rod ]

ključanje [ imenica ]

mehur [ muški rod ]

mehurić [ muški rod ]

obmana [ ženski rod ]

Varka, trik, prevara.

pena [ ženski rod ]

Kazna, odmazda, naknada;
Pero, pero za pisanje.

prevara [ ženski rod ]

Obmana, varka, trik.

varka [ ženski rod ]

Vešta obmana, trik.

vrenje [ imenica ]


zamor [ muški rod ]

Umor, premor.

klobuk [ muški rod ]

bubble [ glagol ]
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To form produce, or emit bubbles, as of liquids or gases.

ispuštati mehuriće [ glagol ]

ključati [ glagol ]

vreti [ glagol ]

žuboriti [ glagol ]

Romoriti, šumiti.

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