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Sinonimi: respiration

The process of taking in oxygen from the air and releasing carbon dioxide; SYN. respiration.
In terrestrial animals, the muscular movements whereby air is taken into the lungs and then expelled, a form of gas exchange. Breathing is sometimes referred to as external respiration, for true respiration is a cellular (internal) process.
Lungs are specialized for gas exchange but are not themselves muscular, consisting of spongy material. In order for oxygen to be passed to the blood and carbon dioxide removed, air is drawn into the lungs (inhaled) by the contraction of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles; relaxation of these muscles enables air to be breathed out (exhaled). The rate of breathing is controlled by the brain. High levels of activity lead to a greater demand for oxygen and an increased rate of breathing.

1. aspiracija

ženski rod

Izgovaranje sa hukom, sa dahom; sisanje, usisavanje, udisanje, uvlačenje u sebe, težnja, želja za nečim; čežnja.

2. disanje


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