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approximate [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin approximatus, p. p. of approximare to approach; ad + proximare to come near. Related to Proximate.
Located close together; SYN. close together.
Not quite exact or correct; SYN. approximative, rough.
Very close in resemblance; SYN. near.

blizak [ pridev ]

Prilično blizu.

približan [ pridev ]

približuje se [ pridev ]

sličan [ pridev ]

aproksimativan [ pridev ]

Približan, dosta blizak, određen otprilike.

approximate [ glagol ]
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To be close or similar; SYN. come close.
To be or make approximate; approach.

dostizati [ glagol ]

približiti se [ glagol ]

približno odgovarati [ glagol ]

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