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Sinonimi: tergiversation | renunciation | defection

ETYM Old Eng. apostasie, French apostasie, Latin apostasia, from Greek, a standing off from, a defection; apo from + histasthai to stand. Related to Off and Stand.
1. The act of abandoning a party or cause; SYN. tergiversation.
2. The state of having rejected one's religious beliefs; SYN. renunciation, defection.
Renunciation of former beliefs.
Desertion from religion or similar body.
Public rejection of one's faith or taking up of another faith. An example of this is Julian the Apostate, a Roman emperor who rejected his Christian upbringing and the growth of Christianity in the Empire and tried to restore the older religions of Rome and Greece. Technically the term is used by the Roman Catholic Church to denote either someone who totally defects from the faith, or the abandonment of religious vows by a monk or nun.

1. apostazija

ženski rod

Odvajanje, odmetanje, otpadništvo, naročito kod hrišćanske vere ili crkve.

2. izdaja

ženski rod

Izdajstvo, izdajništvo, izdajnički čin.

3. otpadništvo


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