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aircraft carrier


Sinonimi: carrier | flattop | attack aircraft carrier

A large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for take-offs and landings; SYN. carrier, flattop, attack aircraft carrier.
Oceangoing naval vessel with a broad, flat-topped deck for launching and landing military aircraft; an effort to provide a floating military base for warplanes too far from home for refueling, repairing, reconnaissance, escorting, and various attack and defense operations.
Although the first flight from the deck of a ship was in 1910, the first true carrier, the British Argus 1918, did not see service in World War I. By World War II, carriers were used extensively, especially in the Pacific, by both the Allies and the Japanese. They were used again in both the Korean and Vietnam wars.
The USS Enterprise was the first nuclear-powered carrier 1961; it could go for almost 300,000 mi/480,000 km before refueling. Since aircraft are now capable of long-range flight, and with the possible use of sophisticated missiles, few carriers were built from the 1970s; their enormous cost, low speed, and vulnerability seem to preclude future construction.

1. nosač aviona

muški rodnautika

Veliki brod koji ima palubu prilagođenu za poletanje i sletanje aviona i helikoptera.

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