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above [ pridev ]
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Appearing earlier in the same text

gornji [ pridev ]

ne dalje nego [ pridev ]

above [ prilog ]
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At an earlier place; SYN. supra.
In or to a place that is higher; SYN. higher up, in a higher place, to a higher place.

gore [ prilog ]

odozgo [ prilog ]

više [ prilog ]

Povrh, iznad.

above [ predlog ]
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Un or to a higher place than; over; upriver of
Superior to (as in rank, quality, or degree); out of reach of; in preference to d; too proud or honorable to stoop to
Exceeding in number, quantity, or size; more than
As distinct from and in addition to

preko [ predlog ]

više od [ predlog ]

iznad [ predlog ]

povrh [ predlog ]

nad [ predlog ]

Iznad, povrh.

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