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muški rodlično ime

(1840-1905) German physicist who, working with Carl Zeiss, greatly improved the design and quality of optical instruments, particularly the compound microscope. This enabled researchers to observe microorganisms and internal cellular structures for the first time.
Abbe was born in Eisenach, Thuringia, and studied physics at Jena and Göttingen, becoming a professor at Jena 1870 and director of the observatory 1878. Zeiss supplied optical instruments to the university and repaired them. Abbe became a partner in Zeiss's firm.
Abbe worked out how to overcome spherical aberration in lenses and why, contrary to expectation, the definition of a microscope decreases with a reduction in the aperture of the objective; he found that the loss in resolving power is a diffraction effect. In 1872 he developed the Abbe substage condenser for illuminating objects under high-power magnification.

1. Abe

muški rodlično ime

Nemački fizičar.

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(French “abbot”) French title of respect used to address any priest.
A member of the French secular clergy in major or minor orders — used as a title.
A French abbot.

1. optički instrument

muški rod

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