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White House [ imenica {geologija} ]
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Official residence of the president of the US, in Washington DC. It is a plain edifice of sandstone, built in Italian Renaissance style 1792–to the designs of James Hoban, who also restored it after it was burned by the British 181it was then painted white to hide the scars.
The structure was completely restored by the Truman administration; the interior was redecorated 1960–by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The offices of the president’s staff in the White House and nearby buildings are often collectively referred to as “The White House.” The president’s study and ceremonial office is known from its shape as the Oval Office. The building includes living quarters for the president, the presidential family, and staff and public rooms for dinners, concerts, and receptions. The presidential apartment is separate from the rest of the mansion, which is open to visitors and public tours as a museum. The name White House, first recorded in 181is often adapted to refer to other residences of the president; for example, Little White House, at Warm Springs, Georgia, where F D Roosevelt died; Western White House, at San Clemente, California, where Nixon had a home.
The chief executive department of the US government.
The residence of the president of the United States.
City in Tennessee (USA); zip code 37188.

Bela kuća [ ženski rod {geologija} ]

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