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Western European Union


(WEU) Organization established 1955 as a consultative forum for military issues among the W European governments: Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, the UK, Germany, Spain and Portugal (from 1988), and Greece (from 1992).
Policy is agreed during meetings of the foreign ministers of the member nations, with administrative work carried out by a permanent secretariat and specialist committees. The WEU is charged under its charter with ensuring close cooperation with NATO. During its early years the WEU supervised the gradual rearmament of West Germany and the transfer of the Saarland back to West German rule 1957. In the early 1990s attempts were made to transform the WEU into a body to coordinate W European security policy either within NATO or within the European Community (now the European Union) if the latter were to adopt a common security policy. In May 1992 it was announced that a joint force, to be known as the European Corps or Eurocorps, was to be established, initially by Germany and France, but open to other members. Belgium agreed to join Nov 1993 and later Spain. It was anticipated that the European Corps would be available to work with NATO forces for the defense of Europe.
In July 1992 the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) was given the power to authorize the military responses of the WEU, alongside those of NATO and the EC (now the EU).

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