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wire [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. wir, as. wir; akin to Icel. vîrr, Dan. vire, lg. wir, wire.
A metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance; SYN. conducting wire.
Made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc.
The finishing line on a racetrack.

mrežica [ ženski rod ]

Sitna mreža.

provodnik [ muški rod ]

telegraf [ muški rod ]

Svaka optička, akustička ili elektromagnetna naprava za brzo dostavljanje vesti na velika odstojanja;
Ustanova koja šalje i prima brzojave.

žica [ ženski rod ]

Istanjen metal kao nit.

kabl [ muški rod ]

Debelo uže, palamar od kudelje ili tanke žice za vezivanje lađa, visećih mostova itd.; uže od bakarne žice, izolovano gumom i gutaperkom, zaštićeno spolja metalom, služi kao provodnik električne struje kod podzemnih i podmorskih telegrafa, telefona i dr. (fr.)

wire [ imenica {telekomunikacije} ]
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Thread of metal, made by drawing a rod through progressively smaller-diameter dies. Fine-gauge wire is used for electrical power transmission; heavier-gauge wire is used to make load-bearing cables.
Gold, silver, and bronze wire has been found in the ruins of Troy and in ancient Egyptian tombs. From early times to the 14th century, wire was made by hammering metal into sheets, cutting thin strips, and making the strips round by hammering them. The Romans made wire by hammering heated metal rods.
Wire drawing was introduced in Germany in the 14th century. In this process, a metal rod is pulled (drawn) through a small hole in a mold (die). Until the 19th century this was done by hand; now all wire is drawn by machine. Metal rods are pulled through a series of progressively smaller tungsten carbide dies to produce large-diameter wire, and through diamond dies for very fine wire. The die is funnel-shaped, with the opening smaller than the diameter of the rod. The rod, which is pointed at one end, is coated with a lubricant to allow it to slip through the die. Pincers pull the rod through until it can be wound round a drum. The drum then rotates, drawing the wire through the die and winding it into a coil.
There are many kinds of wire for different uses: galvanized wire (coated with zinc), which does not rust; barbed wire and wire mesh for fencing; and wire cable, made by weaving thin wires into ropes. Needles, pins, nails, and rivets are made from wire.

telegram [ muški rod {telekomunikacije} ]

Saopštenje putem telegrafa, brzojav, depeša.

wire [ glagol ]
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ETYM See Wire (n.).
To fasten with wire.
To provide with electrical circuits, as of a house or a car.
To string on a wire, as of beads.

poslati telegram [ glagol ]

spojiti žicom [ glagol ]

telegrafisati [ glagol ]

Javljati telegrafom, javiti telegrafski, brzojaivti, depeširati.

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