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Or UseNet or USENET. A worldwide network of UNIX systems that has a decentralized administration and is used as a bulletin board system by special-interest discussion groups. Usenet, which is considered part of the Internet (although Usenet predates it), is comprised of thousands of newsgroups, each devoted to a particular topic. Users can post messages and read messages from others in these newsgroups in a manner similar to users on dial-in BBSs. Usenet was originally implemented using UUCP (UNIX-to-UNIX Copy) software and telephone connections; that method remains important, although more modern methods, such as NNTP and network connections, are more commonly used. See also BBS (definition 1), newsgroup, newsreader, NNTP, UUCP.
(acronym for users’ network) The world's largest bulletin board system: a part of the Internet. It consists of e-mail messages and articles organized into newsgroups. It functions by bringing together people with common interests to exchange views and information. USENET is uncensored and governed by the rules of netiquette.

1. Juzenet

muški rodračunari

1. Usluga Interneta koja se sastoji od vrlo raznovrsnih diskusionih grupa, prostora za oglašavanje i javnih foruma.
2. Isto što i diskusiona grupa ili čitav skup diskusionih grupa.

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