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transition [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin transitio: cf. French transition. Related to Transient.
A change from one place or state or subject or stage to another.
A musical passage moving from one key to another; SYN. modulation.
A passage that connects a topic to one that follows.
Act or state of passing from one condition or time to another.
In music, a passage connecting two sections of a piece. For example, in a sonata-form movement a transition often connects the first and second subjects (principal melodies). The retransition is the transition connecting the development and the recapitulation.
Transition is also an alternate name for modulation, especially if the change of keys is abrupt.

izmena [ ženski rod ]


prelaz [ muški rod ]


prolaženje [ imenica ]

promena [ ženski rod ]


tranzicija [ ženski rod ]

Prelaz, veza; ono što čini prelaz između nečega, posredni član, odeljak i sl. (lat.)

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